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Clueless, an MCR fic

Summary: Mikey Way lived a typical life and worked at Starbucks with his best friend, Frank Iero. Little did he know that both of their lives would change one morning when they are plunged into the underground world of secret agents, where saving lives is their first priority.
Chapter One; Typical Day at Starbucks
7:00 AM
Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Shut up alarm clock," muttered Mikey Way as he lazily tried to turn off his alarm clock on his bedside table. The alarm kept on beeping, sending off echoes in his apartment.

Beep, beep, beep.

"Shut up," said Mikey. He pulled the quilt over his head, trying to drone out the noise from his alarm clock. The alarm kept on beeping, trying to wake up his owner.  

"I said shut up, god dang it!" he exclaimed, smashing the alarm clock with his fist, effecively making it silent.

Once the silence was restored in the small apartment, the 21 year old bassist sighed contently and laid back down, trying to get the sleep he missed the night before. He had stayed up the previous night watching horror movies on the HBO channel. He started at 6 and went to sleep at 3 AM.

Too bad the marathon was on a Tuesday so now he had to work at the local Starbucks only after getting four hours of sleep.

Mikey turned onto his side and pulled the quilt over his head, trying to get some sleep.
Missing a day won't hurt me, he thought to himself.

He only got about five minutes of some shut eye time and his phone rang.

"IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!!" rang out the phone.

Mikey rolled over and saw the smiling caller ID picture.


Mikey groaned and got his phone. "Hello?" he asked, even though he knew who it was.

"Good morning sunshine!~" exclaimed Frank.

"Frank, what do you want?" asked Mikey bitterly. He didn't like mornings and getting
fully awaken by a dancing banana ring tone is not his favorite way to start off the day.

"Someone isn't a morning person," said Frank.

"What do you want?" asked Mikey again. He wanted some sleep and Frank was impeding the bassist to get more shut eye time.

"Oh you know what I want...Money, video games, Harry Potter...your blood."

Mikey did a double take and stared at his phone for a second. "...What?"

"Hahaha, I'm just kidding. I just wanted to say hi. Aaaanddd, guess who's car isn't working?~" replied Frank.

Mikey groaned. He loved his job, mostly because of the coffee but he didn't like the whole 'wake up at 7 and go to work by 8 AM' part. His best friend since late elementary school, Frank Iero, worked with him too. They usually carpooled with to work, since they had the same shift and because Frank's car always broke down at every possible moment.
"Let me guess...Drifting?"

"Nope! This time, it's a flat! And we do have the same shift and same schedule and happen to work at the same Starbucks so~..."

"When are you gonna get here?" asked Mikey, sliding out of bed and putting on his glasses.

"I'm walking to your place right now, so I'll be there in about five minutes..." Frank smirked." Is that enough time for you to pretty up?" he snickered.

Mikey rolled his eyes. "Just because Gerard is a diva doesn't mean I'm a diva," he replied.

"C'mon Mikey, everyone knows you have that inner diva inside you," joked Frank.

Mikey's older brother, Gerard, had a reputation of being a 'diva'. According to Frank, Gerard had the sass and diva-ness. Gerard currently was living in Long Beach, since he wanted to concentrate on his job as a comic book writer.

"I'm not a diva Frank. Now, let me get ready, I don't want to look like a slob," said Mikey. He had already begun to pick out some clothes for work from his drawers.

"Okay, okay, Mr. Diva. I'll see you in a few," said Frank.

Mikey was about to argue until he heard Frank's giggle of victory and hung up. He sighed and did his morning routine. Soon he made his way to his kitchen and began eating some cereal and chugging down some hot coffee.

...Soon he was spitting out the hot coffee for it burned his throat.

"Ack! That was stupid."

After cleaning up the mess, he made another cup of coffee, not boiling, and let it cool as he waited for Frank.

"Yo Mikes! You ready?" asked Frank loudly from outside.

"Yeah, I'm coming down in a sec!" shouted Mikey from his window.

Mikey swallow the last bits of his cereal in a jiffy, finished his coffee quickly, (because it runs in the Way family) and grabbed his phone and car keys. He locked his apartment and went down the stairs.

Frank wore some black jeans, not skinny since they are torture devices, and a Green Day t-shirt. He wore a black hoodie and some old converse.

"Dude, how many Anthrax shirts do you own?" asked Frank.

"About 10. How Green Day shirts do you own?" asked Mikey. He was wearing his usual Anthrax shirt with some jeans and converse. He wore his hoodie, hat and glasses. It was his everyday outfit.

"Like about three...So far," he grinned.

Mikey had to agree with Frank on that one. He knew Frank was a big fan of Green Day, just as much as he was a fan of Anthrax.

"Ready for another day at Starbucks?" Frank asked.

"Yeah, let's just hope Boss won't yell at us for being late," said Mikey.

"If he yells at us, we blame that new guy Steven," Frank replied.

"Poor kid won't make it in life with you there," Mikey shook his head.

"Hey, everyone hates him. You think that Gerard in the mornings is bad? That new guy is ten times worse, every single day" explained Frank.

Mikey was about to argue but nodded. "Yeah, he is a pain," he replied.

Frank was right though. The new guy working at Starbucks was everyone's pain in the butt. No one liked him. He was rude to everyone and apparently didn't liked his job. No one really liked him.  

The two friends got in the car and made their way to Starbucks. They talked and listened to the radio.

"How's Ray doing? I haven't seen him since New Year's," said Mikey.

Ray Toro, a friend of both Mikey and Gerard, was living in Long Beach also with his wife, Christa. They didn't visit Los Angeles much and usually it was Frank who went to visit.

"He's doing great. I saw him a few weeks ago when I went to visit Gerard," said Frank.

"That's nice to hear," said Mikey as he turned his car and parked it in front of Starbucks.

"Yeah, he says hi. Ready to face Boss' wrath?" asked Frank.
Mikey sighed and took a look around the street where his job was at. The street was calm and tranquil, a bit strange for the busy Los Angeles air.

"Does this place look too quiet to you?" asked Mikey.

Frank took a look around. "Well, now that you mention it, it is a bit too quiet" said Frank.

"Probably nothing" shrugged Mikey.

"Yeah," nodded Frank.

The duo got out of the car and walked into Starbucks.

"Morning," greeted Mikey and Frank.

"WAY! IERO! GET YOUR BUTTS TO THE COUNTER!" yelled out their Boss.

Frank and Mikey winced at the sound of their boss' yells. "We're coming..." they both

The two boys ignored the new guy's snicker. "That what you two dubasses get for being late," said Steven.

"Oh shut up Steven," snapped Frank.

"Said the shorty" snapped back Steven.

Frank went from angry to completely livid. "Alright, that's it!" he exclaimed. He pushed the sleeve from his hoodie up. Mikey quickly got a hold of Frank.

"Frank, violence isn't the answer," said Mikey calmly.

"But it's the question! And the answer is yes! I'm going to beat the shit out of this guy!" exclaimed Frank.

As you can see, Frank and Steven didn't get along. Like, at all.

"Come on Frank," muttered Mikey as he pulled Frank into the office.   

"I still win this round Steven!" proclaimed Frank.

"In your dreams Iero!" yelled back Steven.

Frank growled but clocked in. Mikey did the same, except for the growling, and got his name tag. After getting yelled at by their boss, they both went to the counter.

"And let another boring day at Starbucks begin..." said Frank.

9:45 AM

Business was slow that morning, not many people came by. There was a client every now and then. In normal business days, they would serve up to twenty people in the first two hours. So far, they have only served four.

It was peaceful in the cafe. Some smooth jazz was playing in the background. Four college students were working on a project and chatting quietly. Mikey was reading a old magazine on the counter and Frank was doodling on some napkins. Steven had been working with the coffee machines for the past  hour and a half, so he wasn't by the counter.

"Mikes, do you think Boss won't catch me if I take a nap in the waiting room?" asked Frank.

"Frank, its bad enough we were late this morning. Taking a nap in the break room won't help," replied Mikey with a sigh.

"Come on Mikes, don't be such a killjoy! I was watching that scary movie marathon on HBO last night, so cut me some slack."

"I was watching that also, but I don't take naps in the break room" replied Mikey.

"That's because you're a coffee whore and coffee runs in your veins instead of blood,"

"I'm not a coffee whore. I just know where to not take naps," replied Mikey.

"Why do they call it a break room when you can't even take a nap there? It's like calling a barber shop a hair salon and not being able to get a perm,"

Mikey didn't look up from his magazine. "Frank, that made no sense at all."

Frank was silent and realized what he had did make no sense at all. But of course, he wasn't gonna let Mikey take the satisfaction. "...I still think you're a coffee whore."

Mikey pushed up his glasses. "That's Gerard you're talking about."

"Nooo, Gee is a jacket slut. Big difference," said Frank, a little attitude in his voice.

"Oh calm down there Mr. Iero," said Mikey sarcastically.

"Calm yourself down Mr. Way," replied Frank, snapping his fingers.

"...What the hell are we doing?" asked Mikey.

"I have no idea" shrugged Frank.

The bell that hung over the door jingled, announcing the workers that they had another customer. Mikey looked up and threw the magazine to the ground, since he wasn't allowed to be reading while working.

"Hi, welcome to Starbucks. How can we help you?" Mikey greeted.

A lady in her ealry thirties wearing business clothes entered, holding a binder and the hand of a little girl. That was their typical customers, Mrs. Gomez and her daughter Karen, a famed child model known in the Los Angeles area.

"Oh hi Mrs. Gomez, do you want the typical?" asked Mikey.

"Yes please," replied Mrs. Gomez.

"Hey there Karen. What's up?" Frank looked down and smiled at the 2-year-old toddler.

"Hi Frankie!~" Karen smiled up at Frank.

"Rocking those heels I see," Frank said.

Karen giggled and looked down at the small one inch white heels that she wore with her
dress. "Thank you!" she said.

Mrs. Gomez paid for her coffee and gave Karen a cookie. The mother and daughter hung out for a while at the cafe, since she didn't have to go to until 10:30. The cafe resumed it's jazz filled peace.

Until a certain pair of customers came...

A man in his mid twenties who was arguing with a lady that walked into the cafe. They weren't loud but they were obviously arguing. The lady was sighing and holding her head as the man ranted.

Now, Frank and Mikey were used to seeing couples argue. They usually ended up sharing a muffin together about twenty minutes into the argument, so they dismissed it.

The pair sat down at a table, not bothering to order a coffee.

The college students that were doing their work began squirming uncomfortably in their seats as the argument got louder.

Finally about 18 minutes into the arguement, a college student walked up to the counter and called for Mikey.

"Hey can you tell those two to keep it down? My friends and I are trying to finish a project for class," said the college student.

"No problem, we'll tell them,"  said Mikey.

"Thanks," the college student went back to the table and resumed their project.

Mikey walked over to Frank and tapped his shoulder. "Dude, we should tell those two to
quiet down," he said.

Frank looked at the pair who were still arguing. "They haven't gone twenty minutes yet," he said.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

"Okay, let's go," said Frank.

They stepped out behind the counter. "Excuse me, sir, ma'am, you're making our customers
uncomfortable, can you please keep it down?" asked Frank politely.

The pair kept on arguing, ignoring Frank.

"Could you please keep it down?" Mikey tried to get their attention but failed.

While the two employees tried to convice the pair to quiet down, they didn't notice another pair of customers enter the cafe.

Until they heard some gun shots.

shouts of panic broke out in the cafe. The new customers wore black ski masks and had some shot guns. Mikey and Frank darted around, only to be shoved into the counter by the arguing pair.

The arguing pair soon held guns of their own and went over to the college students, threatning them.

"Get her!" the one of the man with ski masks ran to where Karen was sitting and with a swift move took the small toddler.

"No! Mommy!" karen cried out for help.

Mrs. Gomez jumped from her seat and ran to her daughter, only to be thrown against the wall by one of the masked men, effectively knocking her out.

The college students were out the door in fear, running from the scene.

Some gun shots had broken the glass windows and doors, no longer giving the cafe it's classy appearance.

Mikey and Frank were on the floor by the front counter, shaking in fear for they had seen it all go down in front of their very eyes.

"D-D-Did that just happen?" asked Mikey, pointing to the broken windows.

Frank nodded. "Y-Y-Y-Yeah. They took Karen." His breath was shaky and his heart was beating fast.



"We're not gonna get thrown in jail Frank! Chill out!" said Mikey.

"They took an innocent little girl! I'm gonna diee!" cried Frank.

"Frank, you're not gonna die!" exclaimed Mikey.

A van pulled up quickly in front of the cafe as Mikey tried to calm down his best friend.
Three people, a girl and two guys, ran into the cafe, armed with some AK-47.

"You!" shouted the girl pointing to the boys.

"US?!" Mikey and Frank cried.

The band pulled out a smoke bomb that was filled with sleeping gas and soon, the Jersey employees coughed and staggered and were knocked out.

"They're out right?" asked the girl.


"Good. Load them in the van."
Hey guys, this is the first chapter for my MCR fic. It can be found here: [link] [FicWad]
[link] [FanFiction]

I didn't get many feedback from FicWad [not at all] so I decided to post it here. :) Hope y'all liked it!

Disclaimer: I don't own MCR. That's all.
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