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If you ever feel sad.....

Imagine if babies were born with mustaches.

Samuel L. Jackson impersonated Nicki Minaj at the BET Awards. Including the pink wig. […

Justin Bieber ran into a revolving door. Twice.

BBC: Best British Cheekbones

Everybody Sam slept with died. Gabriel died. [If you know what I'm saying]

We all have that inner royalty inside us. Now move out of my way you peasant.

No matter where you have been, what you have witnessed, what you have done.... Captain Jack Harkness would still date you.

Steve Rogers thought fondue mean something else. :iconawesomefaceplz:

Doctor Who: a show where the cast and plot gets as wibbly wobbley as time. [Oh, it's get's wibbly wobbley alright.]

A little story:
The boy walked onstage and picked up the guitar. The cafeteria fell in silence as he began tuning it. After strumming a few strings, he put it down and said "Y'all didn't think I was going to play it, right?" he then started to twerk. the end.

Felt like posting this.
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Submitted on
October 24, 2012