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Slimer Water Color by TheChosenOne305 Slimer Water Color by TheChosenOne305
So I painted the Slimer from Homestuck!

Let me give y'all some context behind it.

So I'm kinda broke and I can't get merch.  But I have paint supplies and a lot of poster paper. I usually stash the poster paper around my room so it won't look as cluttered. But then, once I found one that I used to write a large quote on from Junot Diaz that I was no longer using, I cut it out. I also found some battered binders that got ruined over the years and I cut out the cardboard part to provide a back support. I burned myself like ten times with the hot glue gun to glue it down. And then, I found a reference on the internet and continued to paint. 

Btw, I love glitter and I had green glitter poster paint so I mixed it together with my green paint and bam, it looks all glittery. But it came out a bit darker than I expected but I still love it!

It was hella hard but I ended up finishing it in one night. Now, it's relaxing on my bedside table and looking fab.

I don't own Homestuck.
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January 26, 2014
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